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5 Tips to Help You Through Open Enrollment

Posted by Spitfire Communications on Oct 9, 2019 12:12:04 PM
5 Tips to Help You Through Open Enrollment

If you’re feeling a little bit frazzled at the thought of Open Enrollment, it might be time for you to take a different organizational approach.

To help you streamline your thoughts and create a successful battle plan, here is a list of five easy tips to fully prepare for the Open Enrollment rush and stay productive when things get hectic: 

1. Straighten Up Your Space 

Keep your stacks in order! If a project or task is complete, take it off your desk… literally. If something is pending or still needs attention, keep it separate and safe. Cut down on the clutter – delete the junk mail, shred the extraneous paperwork, ditch the irrelevant post-its. A clean workspace creates the canvas for a clear mind.  

2. Make a To-Do List

Whether it be every week or every day, write out a list of what needs to be accomplished. The physical act of writing keeps these important tasks in your immediate purview. Plus, nothing feels better than being able to check things off your list! Organize your projects in order of priority. If there’s a task that’s quick and easy to do now, get it over with. File that folder immediately instead of making a pile to deal with later.

3. Break Big Tasks Into Small Pieces 

Are you lagging on a particular project because you can’t quite get your arms around it? Is part of the reason you’re putting it off because you don’t know where (or how) to begin? Try breaking it down into bite-sized, more manageable tasks. Focus on what’s most important, what's least important, what can be delegated, and what takes ample time and preparation.

4. Plan Out Your Week

Are there one or two days that offer you the most flexibility and unscheduled free time? Whatever kind of schedule facilitates the most focus and fluidity, block it out to enable a more productive and rewarding work/life balance. If you know you’re more creative in the morning, schedule project-oriented solo time prior to lunch, and leave the in-person meetings for later in the day. 

5. Don’t Forget to Take Care of YOU 

Your own health should always be your biggest priority, especially during busy times. A five-minute walk can work wonders to refocus your attention. Remember to eat a healthy lunch and stay hydrated! 


Open Enrollment doesn’t have to be an open invitation for tension and disarray. By focusing on simple daily solutions like a clearer workspace and schedule, a basic to-do list, intuitive project management tactics and an energizing diet, you can arm yourself for anything that comes your way… and accomplish great things in the process.


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