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How to Maintain Balance During the Busiest Time of Year

Posted by Spitfire Communications on Dec 17, 2019 10:00:00 AM
How to Maintain Balance During the Busiest Time of Year

Welcome to the season of doing. In an organizational sense, this can mean anything from employee reviews to compensation evaluations, end-of-year loose ends and next year’s strategic vision. All of this builds up to a never-ending pileup of personal endeavors, events and expectations. Everything from shopping to hosting, volunteering, attending, giving, receiving and all-in-all juggling the many responsibilities (and subsequent side effects) of the holidays. 

Here are 7 Ways to help you maintain balance (both personal and professional) during the busiest time of year: 

1. Resist the Urge to Rush

If everything feels like it’s go-go-go, stop for a second. When you’re completing a task or crafting a communication, take the time to really focus. Dedicate all your attention to the most important matter at hand, complete it, and move on to the next. Multitasking might be something you strive to do well but use this time of year to hone in deeper and eliminate unnecessary errors. 

2. Create an Open Employee Communication Channel

This might mean being there to answer questions about New Year plans or policy changes. Or it might be the support they need to overcome a personal or health-related issue or challenge. Maintain an open-door policy and encourage employees to reach out for help. It’s a time that can often make people feel isolated or over-stressed. Do everything you can to ensure your employees feel heard, comforted, capable and understood. 

3. Organize, Organize, Organize

It’s easier said than done, but now’s the time to stay on track. Before everyone starts rushing out the door to celebrate (yourself included!), get ahead of what’s waiting for the week after New Year’s. That way, when you return from the break feeling refreshed and relaxed, you can still stay centered. Because there’s a place for everything and everything (already) in its place. Close out the invoices. Put the final edits on holiday and 2020 communications. Schedule a few anticipated tasks per day to keep yourself ahead of the game.

4. Take the Time to Reflect

When everything seems to be swirling around you, take at least one hour of your day to really be present. Note: that doesn’t mean online shopping! Whether it’s meditation, time spent in silent contemplation, reading, writing, stretching, walking or listening to music, carve out time to simply be with yourself.

5. Adhere to Your Boundaries

Ideally, what happens at work stays at work, and what happens at home stays at home. Of course, we’re only human, and some crossover is to be expected. However, if you find your family absorbing your work time with holiday demands, or your business to-dos taking over quality family time, draw a firmer line. By dedicating your focus, again, to the now, you actually save more time for both.

6. Fuel Yourself    

Health, happiness and success often go hand in hand. Pay attention to what nourishes you. Whether it’s food, movement, or rest, stay extra focused on your physical and emotional health and well-being. Eat nutritious meals, get plenty of exercise and fresh air when you can, stay caught up on sleep and self-care and consume entertainment (reading materials, television, puzzles, games, etc.) that challenges you or provokes thought. 

7. Don’t Overcommit (Especially if You’re Bound to Flake)

You don’t have to RSVP “yes” to every single event, meeting or conference that comes across your desk. Odds are, nobody’s keeping score. If you find yourself twenty minutes late for everything and always on to the next thing, you’re probably doing too much. Especially if you’re halfway present in the first place (checking emails from the coat room is a thing and we see you!). 

Be Here Now

That’s the main message. Be here, with a plan, first for yourself, then for your employees. Watch how your attention to the small details and commitment to finding balance in the first place is a pivotal part of the process. Lead by example and remember – the word “human” has a real home in Human Resources. 



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