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Move Your Open Enrollment Campaign Online

Posted by spitfireWeb on Aug 19, 2015 8:00:33 AM
Move Your Open Enrollment Campaign Online

At Spitfire, we know that Open Enrollment is a very important time of year for your Human Resources Department and Employees.  Effectively communicating benefit plans and options at the right time and engaging with your target audience is critical to your Open Enrollment campaign’s success.  We offer the following solutions:

Strategic Messaging

The key to a successful Open Enrollment includes communicating messaging in a strategic and timely manner throughout the year and leveraging the right channels to reach your intended audience.


User Focused Approach

Leveraging the most powerful tools and crafting the right message are at the core of Spitfire’s approach to Open Enrollment. We offer a user-focused method matched with the latest in analytical tools to capture the right details about your employees’ enrollment experience, at the right time.


Digital Insights

Today, benefits communications, specifically Open Enrollment campaigns, are now moving to the digital space. This allows us to capture even more of your employees’ experience during Open Enrollment. These new digital insights enhance Open Enrollment planning, making sure that your messaging is engaging with your intended audience.


Benefits Communications 2.0

At Spitfire, we have gone 2.0 with benefits communications. We have the right resources to take your next Open Enrollment online. We build mobile-first websites that can easily be converted into web-apps to reach your tech-savvy employees via their desktops and mobile phones.

Ready to take your campaign online? Why not reach out today for your free consultation.

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