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2016 in Review

Posted by Jessica Palazzo on Dec 22, 2016 2:29:58 PM
2016 in Review

Steve Jobs once said 

“The journey is the reward”.

He was right. Though it feels predictable to say he was right (that whole “Macintosh” thing really took off),  we really do love this quote.

2016 has been quite a rewarding year here at Spitfire – not in the “oh my gosh we totally wash our hands with champagne and gold soap now” sense, but rather in the “wow, we took on some awesome work, got to challenge ourselves, and see an exciting direction for our future”.

We welcomed numerous new clients into the Spitfire family who allowed us to flex our creative muscles and challenged us to explore new ideas. With clients coming in with diverse employee populations, we worked in multiple communication channels and honed in on the most effective ways to communicate to employees today through print and on many social media platforms.*

*Social media platforms you say?! How convenient! This is where we insert a Spitfire sponsored plug for you to follow @myspitfire on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and sign up to receive our monthly HotSpot blog at!

Our clients inspired us to brainstorm fresh ideas as we reached outside of the box to refresh work and to bring it new life in 2016. To say we appreciate our clients and the incredible ideas and motivation they bring to our team is an understatement. So we’ll just say…



2017 is looking quite promising for Spitfire as well. Using what we’ve learned from our journey in 2016, we are looking at potential changes, potential growth, and potential potential (see what we did there?!) We are in the midst of developing new product offerings (stay tuned, and again, subscribe to our HotSpot blog to learn more), and we are continuing to beef up our marketing and content offerings to ensure that we’re on trend with the most effective employee communication and engagement tools out there.

Every year brings new challenges, new wins, and new explorations. We’re thankful for our journey in 2016 that is propelling us into 2017. We are here to tackle the new year with energy, a talented and inventive team, and dare we say, fiery passion.

I mean, we’re called Spitfire for a reason.

What was your 2016 journey? Where do you hope it takes you in 2017?  

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