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Make it Visual.

Posted by Jessica Palazzo on Apr 26, 2017 1:45:00 PM
Make it Visual.

Engagement is awesome.

No, not the kind with champagne and a diamond – rather the kind where your employees pay attention, retain information, and take action. A Gallup study shows that 70% of employees admit that they aren’t engaged at work. 70%, people! That’s huge. So what can you do to increase employee engagement in your workplace and help this scary statistic decrease?

It’s actually a simple recipe. Take the information that you have, and may even already be using internally, partner it with some awesome video visuals and BAM – you’re basically the Emeril Lagasse of employee engagement. It sounds simple…because it is. Check out these stats (our favorite being that 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process): Video Marketing Statistics

Here at Spitfire we believe in creative, visually appealing, and engaging messaging that gets your employees to listen, appreciate and understand what you have to offer, and most importantly, take action. You already have all this amazing information in your knowledge bank – now let us help you cash it in and step it up a notch with video.

Watch below to see why videos are a cost-effective and employee-friendly means of communication in the workplace today!

Make It Visual from Spitfire Communications on Vimeo.

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