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Happy Birthday Spitfire Communications!

Posted by spitfireWeb on Jul 29, 2015 2:46:25 PM
Happy Birthday Spitfire Communications!

We are officially 7 years old. Since 2008, we've grown in just about every way.

Let’s take the time to celebrate a few of our most notable accomplishments:

We’ve built a talented team:

We started out in 2008 with just one employee: our President and Founder, Jessica Palazzo. Since then, we’ve added twelve more! Every person on our team is talented, knowledgeable and creative.

We in-source! Under one roof we have account managers, writers, programmers and graphic designers, as well as financial and office support. We pride ourselves on possessing a talented team and a highly collaborative in-house dynamic. This environment allows us to consistently deliver creative solutions to meet the unique needs our clients.


Our reach is coast-to-coast:

In 2008, 100% of our clients were located in New England. Now, we have clients all across the country. We are also assisting clients in communicating to international populations. This year, we look forward to new markets, new states and new possibilities.

Map - Spitfire Communications


Our business has grown:

Over the past seven years, we have experienced an annual compounded growth rate of 56%. We believe there is no end in sight to our growth. Not only has our client base expanded but we represent clients in industries spanning from pharmaceuticals to construction; food and beverage suppliers to retail and wholesale distributors. We work directly with clients and also with brokers to provide a full communications service like no other. In 2015, we are on course to expand our business yet again.


We’ve expanded our services:

At Spitfire, we are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our clients. With the help of our talented in-house creative team, we have further developed our Digital Communications Services with the following:

  • Web Design and Development with the option of client-controlled administrative features and additional micro-sites
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Interactive Guides and Emails
  • Web Apps
  • Comprehensive Site Analytics
  • Social Media Integration


Happy 7th Birthday Spitfire! Here’s to many more years of growth and success!

Let's celebrate with 7% off your 1st Web App! Send an Email with #SpitfireBDay in the title to Jessica Palazzo, today.

Cupcake - Spitfire Communications



7% off your 1st Web App! #SpitfireBDay



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